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Electrical Testing and Inspection

The Periodic Inspection and Testing of an electrical installation has been recognised as an essential part of ensuring compliance with the requirements of The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989.

Electrical Inspection & Testing Services, WarringtonPeriodic Testing & Inspecting - Electrical Inspection And Testing

As most electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration throughout their operational life and electrical inspection and test will be required to confirm the safe operation of the installed installation.


The inspection will be completed where possible in line with the requirements of BS 7671: 1992 (as amended), the IEE Regulation Guidance Note 3 and The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989.
Where possible the general inspection will be completed during normal working hours with the internal wiring of switchgear and control equipment being inspected outside normal working hours.

Electrical Test

The procedures are based on 100% of the installation being tested and inspected. The amount of testing completed is subject to the information available to the test engineer prior to the test-taking place.

Partial Testing

It is possible to undertake a partial testing programme only. This is to be decided in conjunction with the client but should never be less than 20% on a five-year programme or 33% on a three-year programme. However all RCD protective devices and all circuits supplying socket outlets (including ring mains) will always be 100% tested.

Portable Appliance Testing

Appliance Testing refers to the testing of Fixed, Portable and Heavy Equipment. The servicing of computer equipment can be customised to your own individual needs. This can range from visual inspection of IT equipment, inclusion of individual power leads for all computers through to a full test using special testers. It is important to bear in mind that in order to test the power leads all computers need to be switched off. Essential tests of 2 different classes of equipment are carried

Emergency Lighting ServicesEmergency Lighting

Certain daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly, annual inspections and tests are required. The annual test is not required until the units are actually three years old. Then the full test should be carried out annually. In practice most companies will want the annual test doing every year as they cannot be certain how old various parts of the system are.

It is also of benefit to the life of the batteries if they are fully discharged every year (self contained units). We will therefore normally only be concerned with six-monthly and annual tests and it must be clearly indicated that we are only carrying out a function Test. We are not responsible for certifying that the system has been properly designed or installed.

Emergency Lighting is governed by BS5266 / EN 1838


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